Do Planets Move East to West or West to Eat across the Sky?


Earth and the planets periodically switch directions going across the sky. Though stas and planets appear moving from East to West at a nightly basis, with the Earth rotation. Outer planets drift slowly eastward to the stars.
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The earth is rotating counter clockwise with north being at the top. The earth traveling toward the east sees the sun rise on that horizon and as the earth continues to rotate the
Because the Earth spins from west to east. So as we spin from the night side to the sunlit side, the sun appears (rises) in our eastern sky. As the Earth continues its spin, the sun
They move from east to west as a
The rotation of the earth causes this. Anonymous
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The apparent motion of stars to move from east to west across the night sky is caused by the rotation of the Earth. This rotation is the same reason the Sun seems ...
The planet that rotates from west to east is Jupiter among the other planets. The only planet that rotates from east to west is Venus. ...
As the earth rotates, the sun seems to sweep across the sky from east to west, and the pathway it follows changes from season to season. In the northern hemisphere ...
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