Do Poems Have to Rhyme?


Poems do not have to rhyme. This is because at some point in the creation of each poem, the poet has to make decisions about rhythm, rhyme and form. Rhyme is one of the key ways in which a poet can instil verse with a sense of structure and meaning.
Q&A Related to "Do Poems Have to Rhyme?"
A lot of free-writing poetry doesn't have rhyme schemes. Additional answer: Here are some examples: Free verse, which uses speech patterns rather than rhyme or meter; Diamante, Cinquain
Emo poetry can't be good. Period. Emo "poetry" is repetitive crap written by teenagers that don't know how to deal with life. So get over the stupid fads and stop trying
We find any kind of poem! Let every gift be treasured; Not always size or price
The rhyme in poetry is not required Though in its music many find great pleasure Though it's quite simple if your mind's so wired And of this ancient gift I have a measure. 'Tis more
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