Do polar bears eat penguins?


Polar bears do not eat penguins in the wild because the animals are not able to interact. Polar bears live in arctic regions, while penguins are found in the southern hemisphere.

Polar bears primarily feed on ringed seals. Seals cut breathing holes in the ice during the fall and use them all winter, because the animals must surface every five to 15 minutes to breathe. Polar bears wait at the openings until a seal appears. Seals resting on the ice are also at risk. Bears stalk them, pouncing when the prey are within range. Other sources of food for polar bears include geese, eggs and other arctic marine mammals, such as whales and walruses.

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Polar bears would probably eat penguins if they had the chance, however, penguins and polar bears live far, far apart. Polar bears live in the Arctic regions of North American and
Polar bears don't eat pengins because they live on completly seperate parts of the world. Polar bears live on the North Pole. Penguins live on the South Pole
Bag yourself a polar bear. This is best done on the nearest available ice floe. Tenderize the meat. This will take some doing, as polar bear meat is very tough. Boil the meat. Raw
Because they live on opposite poles of the earth. Polar bears are typically restricted to the northern tip in the northern hemisphere, up in the arctic, and penguins are found scattered
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