Do Pomeranians Have Hair or Fur?


Pomeranians have fur. All dogs have fur and not hair. Only humans have hair on them. The dander on a dog is what can cause many people to have allergies to a dog.
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1. Brush your Pomeranian with a slicker brush. Removing any knots or tangles is essential before you can trim your pom's hair. 2. Trim the excess hair coming from the tops of the
That is just how God created them.
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Take it to a vet. Have it anaylized.
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Do Pomeranians Have Hair or Fur?
Pomeranians are a breed of toy dog most identifiable by a long and thick coat, usually light brown in color with patches of white or dark brown. Poms, as they're called for short, are descended from the larger German Spitz breed. Smaller-sized... More »
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There are quite a few breeds of dogs that have hair not fur. The Chinese Crested, poodle, Airedale, yorkie, bearded collie and Portuguese water dog all have hair ...
There are at least 36 types of dogs that have hair not fur. These types of dogs do not shed and are hypoallergenic. The large breed of dogs that are known for ...
Many dogs are considered to have hair, not fur. Below is a comprehensive list:
Bearded Collie
Bedlington ...
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