Do Possums Carry Diseases?


Since possums carry a variety of parasites, they also carry diseases. Some of which include: salmonella, tularemia, and leptospirosis.
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opossums do not carry rabies because their body temp. is to low for the rabies virus to live.
Murine Typhus has been transmitted to humans by the fleas of opossums in
There are many different kinds of mosquitoes in the world. Some carry all kinds of diseases in different parts of the world. On is the west nile virus. Others in different parts of
The most deadly flea-borne disease is the bubonic plague. Plague cases in humans are not common anymore; however, it is still exceptionally serious. Other flea-borne diseases include
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Opossums, like other mammals, can carry parasites and diseases. They are known for having a higher resistance to disease. However, they can carry fleas, the infectious Bovine Tuberculosis, and parasites.
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While any animal can carry rabies it is extremely rare for a possum to carry it. The exact reason for this is unknown. It is suspected that it is due to the low ...
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