Do Possums Carry Rabies?


While any animal can carry rabies it is extremely rare for a possum to carry it. The exact reason for this is unknown. It is suspected that it is due to the low body temperature that makes it harder for the virus to survive on a possum. 
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A rabid possum may show signs of foaming, being overly aggressive or overly
If it is a true possum, that is, one in Australia or neighbouring countries such as New Zealand, you can be certain it does not have rabies. Australia and New Zealand do not have
Skunks and bats are the wild animals that carry rabies in Minnesota. Dogs, cats, horses, cattle, and other domestic animals usually become infected after being bitten by a rabid skunk
Bats can get the rabies virus, but the incidence of bats and rabies is very low, usually only about one half of one percent of bats tested, test positive for the virus.
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Yes, possums are able to carry rabies. In fact, any and all mammals can get infected with and carry rabies.
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Since possums carry a variety of parasites, they also carry diseases. Some of which include: salmonella, tularemia, and leptospirosis. ...
Bats will generally try to avoid humans and only a small percentage of them carry rabies, but those who do have rabies can become disoriented, so do not touch ...
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