Do Protists Have a Cell Wall?


Yes, protists do have a cell wall. The cell wall is made up of silica, protein, and cellulose. These organisms are eukaryotes that are composed of only a single cell.
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Protists usually have no cell walls.
Protists undergo reproduction either by mitosis or meiosis and fertilization. Most of them can develop cysts under unfavorable adverse conditions. sexual reproduction occurs by conjugation
Historically, protists and human cells vary by their classification, belonging to the protista and animalia kingdoms respectively. Although both protist and animal cells are eukaryotic
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Protists are single-celled organisms that have their own kingdom because they differ significantly from bacteria, fungi, animals, and plants. They are often referred ...
Protists are organisms in the kingdom Protista. These organisms are eukaryotes, meaning they are made up of single or multiple cells which all contain a nucleus ...
There are currently 13 types of protists. These 13 have remained in a single cell state. They are bacteria, archaea, euglenoza, aveolata, stramenopila, rhodophyta ...
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