Do rabbits eat marigolds?


Rabbits normally eat marigold despite their pungent smell. Rabbits can also eat anything particularly when the food is scarce. Some of the other foods that they can eat are mustard greens, raspberry leaves and collard greens.
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I used to have a few pet rabbits and I would purchase rabbit pellets for them to eat. But also I gave them foods they would eat in the wild. Wild rabbits eat grass, weeds and plants
According to a 1994 survey of master gardeners published by the Ohio State University Extension, wild rabbits prefer lilies, poppies, crocuses, New York asters, New England asters
My rabbits like sassafras and maple leaves. They like sycamore leaves after they dry and fall to the ground. Be careful with cherry trees - they are fatal to cattle when they begin
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Do Rabbits Eat Marigolds?
Rabbits eat almost anything that grows, including marigold flowers (Tagetes spp.). Horticulturists say that although rabbits are unenthusiastic about munching on certain plants, they will eat what doesn't appeal to them when food is scarce. While... More »
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Due to the odor the have, marigolds planted among your other plants can help keep many pests away from your garden. Many people have found they are helpful in ...
Rabbits are herbivorous mammals, so they will only eat plants. They will eat a variety of foods including grass, lettuce, carrots and strawberries. You can find ...
Yes, marigolds are poisonous to dogs as well as to cats. If a dog eats a marigold they can become very sick and begin to vomit. If you think your pet has ingested ...
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