Do rhinos put out fires?


Rhinos do not put out fires and such depictions of Rhinos are usually the work of fiction. This myth was reinforced by the popular 1980's comedy film 'The Gods Must Be Crazy' in which a rhino is portrayed putting out camp fires instinctively.
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There are many ways to put out a fire. You can use a fire extinguisher, you could also throw dirt ir sand on the fire. Water is another great option.
Water extinguishers put out fires by removing the heat from the fire. Pressurized oxygen directs the fire from the extinguisher. Water is only effective on basic combustibles, such
1. Cut off the oxygen of microwave or oven fires. If something flames up in the oven or the nuker, stay calm. Turn off the device, close the door, and watch it closely. Closing it
Baking soda works very well
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