Do roosters lay eggs?


Roosters are male, and they do not lay eggs. Hens, their female counterparts, lay all of the eggs, and they do not need the rooster's help for that.

Although roosters do not lay eggs, they are a valuable part of the breeding process. In order for the egg to produce a young chicken, a rooster must fertilize it. The rooster also helps to keep watch over the hens and their eggs, and he helps the hens to find food. Because they are not an integral part of the egg creation process, most urban areas that allow backyard chickens do not permit roosters, as they are too noisy.

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Roosters fertilize the eggs and the females lay them, the roosters do not lay eggs. Its the same with humans, the females produce eggs and the male fertilizes them.
First off, roosters don't lay eggs hens do. Roosters are the male. The hen raises her
When the rooster is a hermaphrodite with advanced persistent Mullerian duct syndrome and complete androgyn insensitivity syndrome and has an estrogen boost either from a product such
1. Provide at least three square feet per bird for the rooster and hens to roam. The natural instinct in hens and roosters is to search for food on the ground around where they live
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