Do Salespeople Really Use CRM on Their Smartphones?

A lot of the CRM apps out there boast having a mobile version of their CRM that reps can use with their smarphones. Do sales reps actually use this tool though? I've found that using a limited version is more frustrating than just waiting until I'm back at my computer to work. What do you think?


Roody Blain (Sales/Marketing, CBS Technologies)
Mobile crm can be used as a quick reference/look-up guide when you need information and cannot get to a computer. Otherwise to use it on a day to business applications can be painfull.
Mobile CRM do work, educating the user prior to usage help greatly is easing the frustration.
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Paddu Govindaraj (Principal Architect, LeadPro247)
Mobile CRM interfaces are getting better. Smartphones go one additional step in reducing the traditional data entry and retrieval interface. For example, salespeople can retrieve and access lead alerts, tap to dial the prospects and the system can automatically log the call. At the end of the call, the sales person can just tap and update the status of the call. With large screen and more integrated features, the usability factor will increase significantly.

No doubt, as Rudy mentioned above, look up / quick reference, reminders, and reports viewing will be the most widely used features. Once the large screen smartphones and tablets penetrate the market in the next 12 months, the CRM interfaces on mobile will undergo drastic changes which will simplify the usage of the mobile applications for salespersons.
Carlo Beschi (Champion, DevSum)
I agree with Paddu and Roody. Although still limited, CRM mobile interfaces are already useful, and are getting more and more complete.
Mobile market is growing a lot, both in terms of devices and applications / usage. I see this as a trend which will continue.
Moreover, while CRM vendors are focusing on bringing to market mobile apps for the most famous platforms / OS (iphone, android, blackberry, ...) there's also the HTML5 technology which is growing fast - and a lot of community developers are building solutions on this.
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What do you want to measure? Understand this. This is really about understanding your sales process. Then you will want to set up your CRM for this.
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