Do Salt Blocks Attract Deer?


Yes, salt blocks attract deer. You can also pile cracked corn, apples, oats or acorns to attract deer.
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1. Locate an area frequented by deer. Place the salt block on the ground where deer tracks and droppings evidence their passing. 2. Place the block in an open area surrounded by brush
Deer minerals is best to use, and they are made out
just sit it on the ground where the deer trail is and your good to go.
the ONLY commercial product ive used is c'mere deer. i have never used cover scents EVER and i actually smoke in my treestand when im bowhunting. cover scents and lure scents are
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First you have to stay in a place where you know there are big bucks. Next you need to set up a salt lick to attract some female deer. Patience is key as you wait ...
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