Do semi-pro football players get paid?


Most semi-pro football players do not get paid to play. Most of the players have a regular job, and many have two. Some semi-pro football leagues have low salary caps, such as $40,000, and others have regulations strictly prohibiting payment.

Many semi-pro players choose to play in the league in order to stay in shape and try out for a team in the NFL. These players enjoy the game and risk injury for little to no pay. They frequently buy their own equipment as well. Many athletes who retired from the NFL end up in semi-pro leagues playing just for fun. In comparison, the average salary for an NFL player in a 2005 survey was found to be up to $820,720.

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50 cent per game
If you are talking about international games, it is rumored to be around £1,000 per game from the English FA, of which the players donate to a charity every game.
Aw the oranges they can eat at half time and bus fare hame. Semi pro are semi pro because they can't make a living from it. I would think it would vary for instance Pollok Juniors
Soccer players are paid different rates depending on the team
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