Do Sharks Lay Eggs Have a Live Birth?


Some species of sharks lay eggs while the other species give birth to live young ones. The gestation period for sharks is approximately two years. Some sharks mate for an entire year while others mate in certain seasons of the year.
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The following site gives a list of sharks that lay eggs (oviparous sharks)
The duckbill platypus has a body and tail that are relatively flat, like a beaver's. Its mouth is formed into a soft beak, giving the animal its duckbill name. Duckbills are amphibious
Baby sharks are called pups.There are three ways that sharks are born:
Typically, the main benefit of laying eggs is that it allows you to have larger babies that you would if you carried them all in a womb. Imagine a sparrow trying to fly with three
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Some sharks give birth to live babies but others lay eggs. About 30% of sharks lay eggs. Examples of sharks that lay eggs are the bamboo shark, swell sharks, horn ...
Despite of belonging to fish, the great white sharks gives to live ones. They bear at least one to three live ones. The great white sharks give birth to live ones ...
Only about 40 percent of sharks lay eggs. The other 60 percent have live births. When sharks do lay eggs, they are laid in a protective case sometimes called a ...
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