Do SIM Cards Work on Any Phone?


Sim cards are portable memory chips that are used in most cell phones to operate on the global system for mobile communications network. They can work in any phone as long as it is activated when the person opens an account with a cell phone service provider.
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A sim card on a cell phone is a small flat card that operates much like a small hard drive. It normally slides into a compartment underneath the back plate of the phone. It contains
SIM stands for "Subscriber Identity Module. The cards were first introduced in 1991. They were manufactured by Munich-based Giesecke & Devrient and sold to Finnish mobile
i have a phone given to me and i was a cut verizon account, i am looking for sim card insertion, i cant look for it.
1. Log on to your Internet browser and go to a site that offers unlock codes for cell phones (see Resources) Some cell carriers will give out unlock codes if you request one from
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When you purchased your iPhone, it will have a SIM card already along with it. You must activate this by using your iTunes. Just simply follow the steps along. ...
The mobile SIM card comes in two technologies; GSM and CDMA. A mobile phone has to support either of these technologies. ...
Changing your SIM card to another phone is an easy process, but not all phones will work with your carrier. Here are a few tips you will need to know when choosing ...
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