Do Skunks Hibernate?


Skunks do hibernate. When they do so, they cork up the opening of the den, to make sure their warmth stays in and some of the wintry stays out. Skunks live in grasslands, woods and deserts. They make secretive dens that they line up with leaves.
Q&A Related to "Do Skunks Hibernate?"
skunks dont hibernate, during the winter they sleep longer than normal but its not long like a bear, do not try to pick one up while it sleeps it will wake up and you will get bit
Skunks do not hibernate. Instead they take long naps in dens and wake to look for food
Skunks do not hibernate, but will sleep for a week or two during severe winter weather, & feed rarely.
Actually neither animal is a true hibernator. Yes they do have long periods of sleep during winter, but not true hibernation. They are active during winter. You are correct about
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