Do Snails Sleep?


There is scientific evidence that indicates that snails do sleep. These gastropods sleep by having their tentacles partly withdrawn and their shells hanging away from their bodies. This has been proven by the fact that at this state they take long to respond to external stimuli.
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Snails sleep inside there shells.'...
Some desert snails have been known to sleep for three to four years. Snails are also
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It seems that they do have to move part way out of their shells but not entirely. They remain attached and only move forward enough to unbloc their anus.
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According to scientists snails actually sleep. When closely monitored, the scientists say that the snails can remain completely still and inactive for periods of time. During this period, their shells hang away from their bodies, their tentacles are not extended and they look completely relaxed. When poked, they take a longer time to react than those that are awake.
The bodies of snails require moisture for their survival. Therefore when their environment lacks moisture, they retreat into their shells and sleep for 2-3 years until the situation improves.
Snails rarely move around as most of the times they are either asleep or appearing to be asleep. Asnail can hibernate upto three or four years by burying itself underground.
Tyes snails can sleep. They sleep mostly during the day and come out at night.
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