Do Snakes Blink?


Snakes don't blink because they have no eyelids. However, each eye is covered with a single clear protective eye scale called brille. This skin doesn't move and is shed along with a snake's skin and replaced by a new one. The brille is transparent but may appear cloudy or opaque and easily seen when the snake is preparing to shed its skin. Snakes are not the only animal with this adaptation, as some lizards and fish also have it.
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Do Snakes Blink?
Snakes are reptiles that lack many features that other animals have, including legs. Humans have misunderstood snakes for as long as they have coexisted. One of the questions many people have is whether snakes blink. They do not. This article explains... More »
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First of all snakes can not blink and this is because they lack eyelids.
Snakes cannot blink because they do not have eyelids.
Although snakes do not have eyelids they do have a thin coat of skin/membrane which covers the eye and comes off with their skin when they shed it. This is why snakes that are about
Snakes don't blink because they don't have any eyelids. Their eyes are actually protected by a thin, transparent layer of skin.
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Because snakes don't have eyelids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...
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