Does a Snake Have a Backbone?


Snakes have a backbone made of small, interconnecting bones called vertebrae. Some snakes have as many as 145 pairs of ribs attached to a very flexible backbone. The ball and socket attach the section of the backbone to one another, and each rib to a section of the backbone.
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About 95% of all animal species on Earth do not possess a backbone.
It will give it structure and flexibility
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You can call it scales, but it is not like fishes.
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Snakes have a backbone that allows them to contort or twist themselves like pretzels. However, they lack limbs, eyelids and external ear openings. Snakes normally employ several methods of movement in getting from place to place.
Snakes have backbones, just like human beings. Their skeletal structure is made up of hundreds of vertebrae, with a join up of ribs to go along with each. However, they lack limbs, eyelids and exterior ear openings.
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