Does a Snake Have a Backbone?


Snakes have a backbone made of small, interconnecting bones called vertebrae. Some snakes have as many as 145 pairs of ribs attached to a very flexible backbone. The ball and socket attach the section of the backbone to one another, and each rib to a section of the backbone.
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It is often hard to determine why an animal is designed the way that it is. One theory as to the forked tongue of a snake is that it helps it to determine direction through both smell
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http://animals.howstuffwo. There are also apparently many videos featuring this on youtube.
Snakes sectioned backbones are attached to 145 pairs of ribs. Ophidiophobia is the fear of snakes and is sometimes known as Snakephobia.
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Snakes have a backbone that allows them to contort or twist themselves like pretzels. However, they lack limbs, eyelids and external ear openings. Snakes normally employ several methods of movement in getting from place to place.
Snakes have backbones, just like human beings. Their skeletal structure is made up of hundreds of vertebrae, with a join up of ribs to go along with each. However, they lack limbs, eyelids and exterior ear openings.
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