How Do Snakes Poo?


Snakes poo; being coldblooded animals, temperatures of the surrounding environment is an important role in digestion, so the ultimate temperature for this process is 30 °C. After eating, they become latent while the course of digestion, which lasts for 48 hours takes place.
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The opening where a snake excretes its waste from is the vent - located at the last ventrical scale (belly scale) before the tail begins.
Snakes poop through an opening on their underside called the cloaca...
1. Find the Poo Bracelet at the Gate of Jibral Castle. It will be in a blue chest, which will open when you receive the Blue Device from going through the normal story. The Shoes
Snakes wee and poo through their cloaca about 2/3 down the underside toward the tail.
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