Do Snakes Sleep at Night?


Snakes definitely sleep at night, and they're very particular about choosing the best or their favorite spot to retire for the night. Snakes are almost like mammals, and need to rest after a day's moving and hunting around.
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They don't have eyelids so they don't close their eyes, and I believe most of them will sleep underground, or in a hiding place.
Snakes sleep and spend time in water - lakes, rivers or their water dishes - when they are getting ready to shed. The water helps lubricate their skin so the shedding process goes
Very easily. Only a small fraction of the money they invest is their own money. Gambling with other people's capital rarely induces sleep anxiety, unless the money is from your friends
Snakes look for caves, holes in the ground, or cracks in rocks to sleep in. A layer of dirt on top of their den helps keep them warmer or cooler.
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