Do Squirrels Eat Birds Eggs?


Squirrels do eat bird eggs. They are rodents and eat a wide range of mostly vegetarian foods. However, some add some insects or small animals. They eat fungi, young birds, acorns, fruits roots and mushrooms. They may also feed on tomatoes, corn and strawberries during ground foraging.
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Squirrels eat nuts, seeds, fruits, fungi, greens and insects.
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Squirrels sometimes eat small birds. The rest of the squirrel diet includes: fungi, insects, bird eggs and young birds, pine nuts, corns, seeds, nuts, fruits, ...
Some types of squires such as grey squirrels are considered vermin because they eat eggs and baby birds. They are frequently culled in conservation regions because ...
Squirrels do not normally eat meat but if faced with starvation they have been documented to eat bird eggs, snakes as well as insects. They are mainly vegetarians ...
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