Do Starburst Contain Pork?


Starburst candy does not contain pork. The candy does contain gelatin which may be derived from animal bones.
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food such as bacon, ham and salami and sausages all contain pork.
Simple $ - Pork byproducts are more valuable as human food. Embed Quote
Pork is meat from a domestic hog or pig, and includes ham and bacon. Many cuisines, as
yep, Hailee D is right, although it is possible to use a vegetarian substitute, they do that in europe, so you should write in to the starburst company and tell them to use whatever
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While Starburst candy does not contain pork in the sense of it being meat, the answer is yes. Starburst candy does contain gelatin which is made from the skin and bones of pigs and cows.
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Starburst is a small tangy candy created by The Wrigley Company. The nutritional information states 9 chews contain 130 calories. Individual chews contain about ...
Some of the foods and drinks that contain pork are tenderloin, chops, ground and loin roasts. Meat pies, empanadas, meatloaves and homemade sausages may also contain ...
It's in fact the other way round; pork has gelatin as one of its building blocks. According to molecular biologists, pork is composed of glycerides and other organic ...
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