Do Starburst Contain Pork?


Starburst candy does not contain pork. The candy does contain gelatin which may be derived from animal bones.
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i think there mostly chips that dont contain cheese but heres a link for chips that DO NOT CONTAIN PORK:
That's a good question. Not all, but some Kellogg's Pop Tarts contain pork or beef
The starburst is an informational part of the oil label developed by the American Petroleum Institute and the International Standardization and Approval Committe. It symbolizes the
The word "hamburger" originated from Hamburg, Germany. In Hamburg it was common to put a piece of roast pork into a roll, called Rundstuck warm.
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While Starburst candy does not contain pork in the sense of it being meat, the answer is yes. Starburst candy does contain gelatin which is made from the skin and bones of pigs and cows.
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