Do Stepparents Have Any Rights?


Step-parents do have rights especially when it comes to the care of step-children. As of the year 2005, step-parents can acquire parental responsibility of step-children through a court order or a formal agreement. However, step-parents do not have custody rights unless the biological parent dies and custody is passed on to them.
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Step-parents have no inherent rights. You should consult with an attorney.
1. Receive notification that your child's stepparent would like to adopt him. When the other parent files the petition for adoption with the court, you will receive a completed copy
I am in the US and step parents have absolutely no rights to the chilren even while you are still alive. For instance if you child were in school and his step father wanted to discuss
You ask about the step-mom's right to sign medical and school info. Strictly speaking, she has no legal right to do so. Some agencies and institutions allow a step-parent to sign
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