Do Tea Bags Expire?


Even when they are properly stored, tea bags do have a shelf life. They will not harm you if you happen to drink some that is past it's expiration date, but to keep tea tasting it's best it should be used between 6 months and 2 years.
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1. Make two cups of tea by placing each tea bag in a cup of hot water and stirring well to release the tea pigment. 2. Leave one tea bag in a cup for 1 hour. Leave the other tea bag
1. Use teabags on your puffy eyes. Warm or cold teabags can help refresh your eyes whether they're achy, tired or puffy. Watch the dark circles disappear. Ad. 2. Reduce plantar warts
If the tea has been dry the whole time it shouldn't have anything wrong with it for awhile, it may be a little weaker though. Too long after the expired date and it will turn to powder
Early Tea Bags. The first tea bags were made from hand-sewn silk muslin bags and I have found tea bag patents of this sort dating as early as 1903. First appearing commercially around
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If your tea has an expiration date then it's just for best quality, not safety. Tea does not spoil or expire. It may however loose its original taste and begin ...
Tea bags are made from specially-treated filter paper or gauze pouches. The filter paper is made primarily of abaca, the leaf stalk of Philippine bananas, which ...
A family size tea bag is as big as three to four regular sized tea bags in terms of how much tea it will make. The family size tea bag is not much bigger in size ...
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