Do Tea Bags Expire?


Even when they are properly stored, tea bags do have a shelf life. They will not harm you if you happen to drink some that is past it's expiration date, but to keep tea tasting it's best it should be used between 6 months and 2 years.
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To steep a tea bag you need hot water. Dip the tea bag in the hot water letting it sit for a few seconds at a time then lift it back out of the hot water. For tips on how you steep
Soothe sunburned skin by adding several old tea bags to your bathwater. Place a wet tea bag on the skin for a few minutes to ease the sting of razor burn. Cover a boil with a wet
teabags work by - the waters soaks the tea leaves flavour up into it and the actually bag keeps the leaves from leaving the bag - by squeezing the teabag u get the flavour ofthe leaves
The small amount of air in the bag expands with the heat but the rapidly wetting bag material prevents all of it escaping. If you flatten the bag before dropping it into the cup the
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You can steep a tea bag by placing hot water in a cup with the tea bag in it. Never squeeze the tea bag and cover the cup with a plate during the steeping process ...
Tea bags can stay as fresh as for a year depending on the type tea bag that is being kept. A tea bag when not being used should be kept in its box such that is ...
Tea bags reduce dark under eye circles when properly used. You should take a used tea bag (black, white or green), after it has cooled, and then apply it to your ...
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