Do Teachers Get Paid during the Summer?


Unless a teacher is working and teaching during summer school, in most school districts teachers get a large check on their last payday before summer vacation starts. This may vary based upon the district or school but that is the way it normally is paid out.
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Teachers get paid during the summer. Although, it will still depend on what was agreed upon by the teacher and the school. In general, teachers are paid according to the number of days they work.
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both my brother and sister are teachers in Florida. Teachers there, have the option of getting paid on a 9 month salary or 12 month salary. hence, if you get paid on a 9 month salary
Teachers can make money during the summer by tutoring, teaching summer
Interesting that you mentioned MD and NJ, because PA actually pays better than both and has the nation's best retirement plan. What you're paid varies from district to district, but
teachers in New Jersey get paid more i don't no how much but i read that the top 3 states were New Jersey California and Connecticut.
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