Do They Make Automatic Motorcycles?


Motorcycles with automatic transmissions do exist. The transmissions on modern motorcycles, though automatic, will however give the rider the option of changing gears manually. The 2012 Honda VFR1200F and 2012 Honda NC700X are examples of such motorcycles.
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There are a few larger models that offer automatic gearboxes. But only a few, and it has nothing to do with how well they operate. It is because most motorcyclists just prefer a
The American company Ridley makes automatic motorcycles. soon!
I don't think they made 400's in 1984. I have a 1980 cm400a that ran me about $800, with 20k miles. The engine (and the rest of it) still work like a Japanese beaver.
well the yamaha's fjr1300 comes in with no clutch on one model, Honda shows automatic 700 Sports motorcycle DN-01. Ninja 250 on ebay claims to be automatic.
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