Do They Sell the Morning after Pill at CVS?


According to the CVS website, their pharmacies sell the morning after pill without a prescription to patients 17 years of age or older. Patients younger than 17 must have a doctor's prescription.
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The morning after pill is used to prevent you from getting pregnant. If you had sex and are unsure if you are pregnant, you can take one of these to ensure that you don't. It is,
CVS sells the drug for $44.99. Wal-mart for $35. Need anything else? Just
Identification The name "morning after pill" can be misleading, as it does not have to be administered the exact morning after, and it is more than just one pill. The most
They have the genetic version at pathmark for almost $15 less than the plan b one step an it works the same way. Family planning or your local free clinic.
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You can buy morning after pill on-line at Masters Direct or Dr. Ed. Alternatively you may want to pass by your local chemist and inquire about purchasing some ...
Wal-Mart sells Plan B for about $35. They are usually located behin... ...
Mornings-after pills are major contraceptive drugs that are used for birth control. However, some of these pills have side effects to the users. They might delay ...
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