Do They Still Make 2 Dollar Bills?


Yes, as of December 7, 2012, they do still make 2 dollar bills. However, unlike other paper bills, the $2 bill is only printed when it is needed.
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Thomas Jefferson.
From what country? The U.S. didn't print any $2 bills with that date. Please post a new question with the country of origin or revised date.
Answer A portrait of Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd President of the United States, appears on the front of the US $2 bill. There is a caption right below the picture with his name. Summary
The 2008 series is currently being printed.
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They have not stopped making two dollar bills. Two dollar bills are still being printed as of December, 2012. Many people are not aware that they are still being ...
The value of a 2 dollar bill is simply two dollars. While many think that it is worth more than that because it is rarely seen, it is still in circulation. The ...
If you $2.00 bill is one or the rarer ones with prefix and signature combination such as, ARX, AUL, or BRX they may be worth up to $125.00. Otherwise,it is still ...
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