Do tigers roar?


Tigers roar. In most cases, tigers do not roar at other species of animals; rather, tigers roar at other tigers that are not close by in an effort to garner attention. For this reason, before a tiger attacks another species of animal, the tiger typically does not roar. Instead, the tiger hisses in such a situation.

Tigers are the largest members of the cat family. As is the case with the domesticated house cat, the pattern of a tiger's fur is also present on its skin. After a hunt and kill, the male tigers permit females and cubs to eat first, which is the opposite of how lions feed.

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Loud enough to be heard from around 2 miles away.
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To defend their territory, because their roar is so loud, most of their roar people can't even hear. To animals, it can be heard for miles, and at close range...
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