Do toads live in the water?


A toad is any of the number of species of amphibians in the order Anura. They can live in water because they have a tough skin which does not dry out fast, though they are native to the major landmasses. Toads feed on insects, grubs, slugs, worms and other invertebrates.
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Toads live in trees. Tree leaves are their food. Also sometimes they eat small insects. So they like to live in dark trees as in a Garden.
Toads are not like frogs they do prefer damp places rather than the water, and often overwinter in garden pots under dying leaves.
Toads can live in drier climates, where most frogs usually live in or near water. In the
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Toads are amphibians. A toad will begin their life in the water as a tadpole. As they grow they develop into toads. They then go and live on the land. ...
Well, first of all, they are both amphibians, meaning they can live on land and in water. They both have lungs but are capable of breathing through their skin ...
Toads prefer to live in drier climates and most of them usually live in or near water. Toads can live anywhere except in New Guinea, Greenland, Madagascar, Australia ...
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