Do Toenails Grow Back?


A toenail can grow back after it falls off. Provided there has been no interminable injure to the nail bed, it usually grows back in 6-9 months time. For more information, seek advice from a state registered chiropodist.
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When summer rolls around you want your toenails to look as good as you do; unfortunately for you, winter has forced you to wear shoes and created a moist environment for fungus to
It depends. It could take a month to several or more. If you have nail fungus or thick nails, it could take a very long time.
The length of time for a toenail to grow back is approximately 6 to
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Toenails take 6-9 months to grow back if there is no permanent damage. A new toenail grows to replace an older one that may have been removed or has rotten off ...
If you have a toenail removed due to fungus, or another condition, it will grow back. It can take 12 to 18 months for the nail to return to normal. ...
Toenails and fingernails grow at various lengths due to your overall health and nutrition. You can make your toenails grow faster by applying nail polish and also ...
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