Do Toms Shoes Run Big or Small?


The Toms shoes may run big or small depending on the person. The true size is comfortable. However, they are very narrow so if you have a wide foot, your actual size may run small.
Q&A Related to "Do Toms Shoes Run Big or Small?"
there not small , my friend said go ahalf size down because they strech & its a true fit in a couple of days when you were them around and get them to streach , thats what i heard
Shoe companies have their own molds and so their sizes can
All sizes are in standard USA format. Some brands run big, some brands run small - we carry hundreds of brands so there is no way for us to know if any particular brand runs smaller
Not all countries in the world has the same sizing chart that america has. Each country maybe different. For example: england size 10 would be an american size 11.
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