Do Tragus Piercings Hurt?


Tragus piercing hurts. The tragus piercing is usually carried out using a hollow, straight or curved small-gauge needle which should be sterilised. It requires a trained or a qualified piercer as piercing tragus is very risky.
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I got my tragus pierced yesterday and it was my least painful cartilage piercing. I have four lobe piercings that were obviously painless and three other cartilage ones; the rook
Not Badly at all. I got mine done yesterday and it was almost completley painless. It hut much less then my triple cartilage piercing or my double lobe.
1. Go to your local piercing or tattoo shop or ask friends where they received their tragus piercing. Wherever you choose to go, make sure they are certified by the state or local
Pain is relative. But, a nape piercing will most likely hurt more
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There are no chances of experiencing vast pain while getting a tragus piercing. Unlike the piercing of any other region of the body like the nose, the tragus does ...
The tragus is the part in front of the ear canal. Some people are more sensitive than others. Some people experience very little pain while others may experience ...
The tragus is an outer part of your ear which is becoming a common place to do cartilage piercings. The tragus is a small, pointed piece that partially covers ...
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