Do tulips multiply?


Tulip bulbs produce strong blooms in their first year and then multiply into smaller bulbs, according to Satsop Bulb Farm, a bulb supplier. However, the smaller bulbs usually are too small to produce blooms for several subsequent years.

The National Gardening Association recommends planting a minimum of 100 bulbs for a 12-square-foot garden to achieve a vivid burst of color. Leaving blooms attached after they have faded allows the seeds to spread, which assists the bulb's natural tendency to multiply. Bulbs also multiply more readily when the correct variety is chosen for a particular climate, such as heat-tolerant varieties for warm climates.

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Tulips are known as a spring flower, and most tulips do bloom in spring. But different varieties bloom at different times, and there are early, mid- and late bloomers. Early bloomers
Tulips will multiply each year, as new bulbs attach to the
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Do Tulips Multiply?
Tulips grow from underground root stems called bulbs. With proper care, the tulip plants above ground will flourish. Over the years, where tulip bulbs are hardy underground, they will multiply. The excess bulbs are then divided every few years to grow... More »
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Loosen and amend soil to a depth of one foot and add one pound of a low-nitrogen fertilizer, such as Bulb Booster, per 100 square feet. Plant the tulip bulb at ...
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