Do Turkeys Fly?


Domestic turkeys do not fly because they are so heavy, but wild turkey cans. Apparently, wild turkeys do not fly fast or high enough but they have to since they roost in trees at night.
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If I am correct, Turkey's can't fly. if turkeys could fly what would we eat for Thanksgiving and Christmas? lol.
Most domestic turkeys are so heavy they are unable to fly, but wild turkeys can fly.
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Wild Turkeys can fly. Domestic turkeys are usually flightless.
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Wild turkeys are good fliers, but domesticated turkeys have no ability to fly. They have been bred to be heavy, and this prevents them from taking off and propelling ...
Wild turkeys can definitely fly. This particular type of turkey cannot fly very far though. The wild turkey can fly only about a foot or two. ...
Wild turkeys can run and fly very fast and they are known to reach speeds of 55mph when flying and 25mph when running. Wild turkeys almost became extinct in the ...
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