Do Turtles Have Gills?


Turtles do not have gills. They instead have gill-like structures in their necks which they use to absorb air into their bodies. Turtles also have two sacs which have capillary blood vessels used to absorb oxygen needed from the water.
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Sea turtles do not breathe like fish, instead, they respire using lungs. This requires them to surface often enough to acquire enough oxygen for living. A sea turtle does not need't_sea_turtles_ha...
Lungs, mostly. However, soft-shelled turtles can take dissolved oxygen from the water, through the cloaca, and there is evidence that snappers can do the same thing but through the
Which animal that has gills and fins that enable it to survive under water, large mouth snapping turtle, bottle-nosed dolphin or
Like other underwater animals that breath air (whales, penguins), turtles have lungs and have to come up to the surface every so often to take a breath.
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Turtles breath through their mouths. They are not fish, so they do not have gills. Many turtles move up and down as they breath, when they are scared. ...
Turtles do need oxygen while underwater but they do not breath through their lungs. Some turtles absorb oxygen through gills on their mouth and other turtles have ...
Turtles are aquatic reptiles that belong to the Chordata phylum. Turtles cannot breathe under water however they absorb the oxygen in water through gill like structures ...
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