Do Vampires Exist?


There is little or no evidence that proves the existence of vampires.
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Vampires are mythological undead creatures who feed on the blood of the living.
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They never did, do not now and never will. They are fictional.
If vampires did exist the human population would be decreasing, not increasing. That is
That would be kinda cool. It would be so great to have a werewolf as a pet and a guard : also vampires seem really coool :D.
not in the sense that you see in the movies. they are normal people who have a physical need for extra energy because they don't have enough of their own to stay healthy. Sanguines
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Vampires do not exist but their existence does depend on personal beliefs. For instance, there are certain medical conditions and disorders that resemble the characters ...
Vampires are said to have been at one time mortal and their state is neither alive nor dead.According to some authors, they are thin, dark and with long nails.They ...
There are many people who do believe that vampires exist. But there are many more people who do not believe they exist. Modern day vampires are very different ...
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