Do Water Snails Lay Eggs?


Water snails lay eggs under water in a gelatinous sac or above the water in a soft clutch of the moist eggs. These snails are gastropods which live in the watery non-marine habitats. Some groups of these snails that live in the fresh waters respire through their gills.
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sometimes they wont fill comfortible and if there is fish or other living creatures in there they might eat the eggs before you see them.
The largest of the sea turtles, leatherbacks, grow up to 6 feet in length and weigh over 1,400 lbs. Leatherbacks can produce over 700 eggs per season, laying between 60 and 105 eggs
The Nassarius snail
You can't really tell when they will lay their eggs, but when they DO you will definetely know. You should inspect your tank daily. Look on all of the plants and Decor. Also check
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Snails lay eggs. The male snail fertilises eggs in the body of the female snail. The female will carry the eggs in her body for sometime until the embryo reaches ...
Water snails breed by laying eggs about three inches (7.5 cm) into the soil and these hatch after a week. If they do not have a source of water, they go into hibernation ...
These eggs can either hatch in the water or they can even hatch outside the water as long as they are resting in the sun. If they are in the sun then they will ...
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