Do we pay VAT on stamps?


You don't pay VAT when you buy stamps as is the case with most services you post with stamps are not be affected by VAT. This is because United Kingdom and Isle of Man stamps are the payment for a postal service that is exempt from VAT.
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To avoid going to jail. Taxes are a necessary part of civilization, if you don't like any particular tax, vote for people who will revoke it.
well they'd say it's an inelastic product so it's taxable lol my country has 300% tax on all non national cars :( a stupid merc C class we just bought is an S 7 class in the usa lol
VAT is charged on most non-essential items, but not on items classified as necessities; such as food and drink, books, drugs and public transport. report this answer. Updated on Friday
VAT is payable on goods and services. it costs a heck of a lot to keep civil servants in the lifestyle they are accustomed to, let alone the EU bureaucrats who rake of a mere 1.1.5%
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