Do Wedgies Hurt?


Wedgies are dangerous and can hurt. There are different variations of the wedgies and one particular variation called the Melvin can cause your genitals to be hurt. There have been cases where men's testicles and scrotum have been injured.
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the wedgie goes up your butt crack and hurts like hell. try it you'll see. first grab the back of your underware and pull. ouch!
They hurt cause you are not suppose to wear your underwear like that.
neither... front
Local anasthetic in your butt.
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Grabbing a wedgie from the middle is a good technique. If you get a good hold of it, you will be able to pull up pretty far. Be sure not to hurt the person. ...
I have some ideas. but only if you will send me a picture of it ; its not to inappropriate but feels good and hurts at the same time. email me for the dare at ...
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