Do whales have hair?


Whales have hair, as all species of whales are aquatic mammals. Instead of having scales, like most other marine animals, whales have a fine layer of hair over their bodies.

In order for an animal to be classified as a mammal, it must have certain physiological characteristics. The most notable feature is hair on the body. The animal must also be warm-blooded, breathe with a set of lungs instead of gills, have mammary glands, give birth to live babies rather than eggs, have three distinguished middle ear bones and have a region of the brain called the neocortex. Some other marine mammals include dolphins, walruses and seals.

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it helps them eat there food.
The right whale has hair along the chin & upper jaw. Bowhead whales have hair on the
The aftermath is that you have killed a whale so that you can put it's sperm on your head. Try your own.
I assume you are talking about baleen, a hairlike structure in the mouths of some whales used for straining food.
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Whales have a very small amount of hair, usually located somewhere on the head or snout.
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Humpback whales do not have teeth. In their place, they have baleen. These are small hair-like fibers which catch their prey in order for them to eat. ...
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