Do Whales Lay Eggs?


Whales do not lay eggs instead they give birth to live young. Female whales usually give birth every one to three years. The young ones of whales are known as calves and are nourished with milk from their mothers.
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Whales are mammals, they do not lay eggs. Whales give birth to live 'calves' the same as other mammals such as dogs/puppies, cats/kittens and humans/babies.
They dig a hole in the dirt or sand and lay their eggs in hole and then cover them up. They hatch on their own from the sun beating down on the earth.
Whales are mammals, not fish, and therefore do not lay eggs, but give birth
Whales are large, intelligent, aquatic mammals and cetaceans which also include dolphins and porpoises give birth to live young which are nourished with milk from their mothers -
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