Do white tattoos fade?


White tattoos fade and often more quickly than a black or colored tattoo. White tattoos are already less noticeable when placed on the skin, so when they fade, they become hardly recognizable.

White tattoos are done completely in white ink in order to be less visible and are thus a more private form of expression. They are typically just an outline of a design, word or phrase, with little to no shading. In order to be visible on the skin, the tattoo artist goes over the lines several times with the white ink. In some cases, the faded tattoo simply goes back to looking like a light scar on the skin, while in other cases, fading turns the white ink to a yellowish color.

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It depends. Do you mean a tatoo in your ear? My best friend and i got matching tattoos in our ear and my faded fast but hers didnt fade at all. I guess it depends on your skin or
The most common avoidable reason for tattoos fading is the sun. Sun bleaches the color out
I got my white tattoos on my wrist and hands 10 and 9 years ago respectively, the wrist ones have held up well, still visible, only slightly blurred and tan colored they were white
I have one tattoo with light blue ink and another with white. The light blue hasn't faded away completely, it's just a lot lighter. It started fading about 4-5 months in. The white
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