Do Wild Turkeys Sleep in Trees?


Wild turkeys sleep in trees during the night to avoid prey animals. This is a defense mechanism for them because they are virtually blind during the night. They prefer trees that are leafy and close to water bodies. Most wild turkeys are found in North America
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Turkeys generally bed down in a tree. When it gets close to dark they will move into a treed area and fly into trees to bed down for the night. During the day when it is nice out
Wild turkeys sleep in bushes .probably lol my guess is as good as urs.
Wild turkeys spend their nights in low branches of trees. Wild Turkeys can fly.
1. Select healthy, flexible branch tips from a wild pecan tree. Choose them in early spring, before the tree has had a chance to leaf or flower. 2. Cut five or six bud sticks, 6 inches
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