Do Worms Have Bones?


Worms are invertebrates and all invertebrates do not have a backbone. Though worms have no bones, their intricate system of muscles allows them to not only twist but also to rapidly alternate between being stubby and thick, and long and lean
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Saltwater fish. You must know the life cycle of these parasites to understand how they get into fish. Like many other parasites, worms require different hosts at different times in
Like just about every other organism, mullets are prone to becoming infected with parasites, in this case probably some species of nematode. Nematodes are among the most common multi-cellular
twenty four if you count only vertebrae; twenty six bones if you count the sacrum and coccyx.
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Snakes and worms are not related. Snakes are vertebrates, which means they have a backbone, while worms are invertebrates, which means they have no bones. There ...
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