Do You Add a Degree or Subtract a Degree When Taking an Underarm Temperature?


You always add a degree when taking an underarm temperature. When you take a temperature with a thermometer, the bulb actually measures the body heat. When you touch the body with a thermometer, it is difficult to get an accurate temperature, so this is why you add a degree.
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Take the temp under the tongue for best results. But if you *have* to take it underarm for some reason then I would read the temp as is. After all whether the child has a 101 or a
You add 1 degree (Fahrenheit) or 1.8 degrees, depending on opinion. The reason for the uncertainty is that underarm measurement of body temperature is not very accurate. Nevertheless
Not Medical Advice: You need to add at least 2 degrees from its reading. It is said that an armpit reading is far less accurate than other methods. report this answer. Updated on
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