Do You Aspirate When You Are Giving an Injection?


One has to aspirate before giving any injection. This is because there is more danger in the thigh than there is on the deltoid. This ensures that you are giving medication on the correct route.
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An intramuscular injection is one that goes directly into your muscle. You will need to choose an area like your thigh or triceps and then clean it with alcohol. Afterward, simply
1. Test your blood sugar level with a blood glucose meter to determine what your blood glucose level is. Take that number and determine how many cc's of insulin you will have to administer
When giving SubQ injections you 'do NOT' aspirate. I am a nursing student and we have been taught not to apirate insulin as it is only going into the SQ layer which only has tiny
1 Determine what type of injection you are giving. Read the directions given to you by your doctor, nurse or pharmacist. If your medication comes with instructions, read those. If
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Don't aspirate for blood return when giving ...
So that the sharpest part of the cutting edge goes into the skin first, thereby decreasing pain. ...
You should take in to consideration the age and weight of the child/infant. Be very careful that the medicine is sized appropriately to the child and have a sucker ...
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