Do You Burn More Calories during Menstruation?


During menstruation, you burn a lot of calories. Menstruation occurs in women of child-bearing age when the uterus, which prepares for pregnancy during the first half of your cycle, releases blood and tissues.
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Your calories burned depend on your weight and participation level. A 150 lb person will burn 13 calories for 15 minutes of moderate sex. Bump it up to 30 minutes of vigorous sex
1. Burn calories by walking more. Take the stairs, not the elevator. Walk to your co-worker's desk instead of messaging him. Walk on your work breaks. Walk the golf course instead
1 Always, always warm up before you go on a treadmill, or any gym machinery, as straining a muscle BEFORE you do your exercise is stupid and painful. Start off by doing a few lunges
Try the tango or the salsa, or other ballroom dances like that.
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