Do You Capitalize the Word Kindergarten?


You only capitalize the word kindergarten if you are referring to a specific school. For example, you would capitalize kindergarten if you said that your child was attending James Woods Kindergarten.
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Some words are hard if not impossible to portray via pictures so they need to be learned as sight words and recognized quickly so that children can acquire reading ease. For example
When is used with the name of a school.
The NY Times actually has a very excellent article on just this subject, the meat of which goes: England is where the capital “I” first reared its dotless head. In Old
There are no words in the English language that rhyme with the word kindergarten. !
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If you are referring to a specific kindergarten, such as Edmonton Kindergarten, then it should be capitalized. If you are referring to kindergartens in general, then unless it is as the beginning of the sentence it should not be capitalized.
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